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Our experts do more than just check for spelling and grammar – we edit your work until it reads perfectly!

Edit My Paper editors fix the following:

Fix all of your spelling and grammar mistakes.
Clarify awkward sentences and expressions, even rewriting them if necessary.
Help refine your ideas and phrases to improve legibility and understanding for readers.
Ensure your paper flows nicely from beginning to end.
Rewrite and rephrase any improper sentences to improve your writing level.
Complete all editing within a short amount of time!


Our expert editors are:

Only native English speakers (they all speak English as their mother tongue)
PhD university graduates
Professional editors with 10+ years of experience
Subject-specific expert editors


What you can expect when you submit your paper for editing:

Advanced spelling, grammar and punctuation correction
Flow, consistency and writing style modifications
Deleting any redundant, vague or awkward phrases in your paper
Fast return and helpful comments

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One of our Top 10 editors in each subject
Highest rated Gold editors only
Extra revisions to your text & more in-depth editing
From $14/page (325 words)
Experienced professional editors, doctors & researchers
Only university graduates
Perfect for term assignments, ESL writers or rough drafts
From $9.75/page (325 words)
Experienced teachers
University graduates or Master’s students
Perfect for short papers or second drafts
From $8/page (325 words)
Basic editing by teachers
Second year or later university students with a high GPA
Perfect for a quick English grammar check & short papers
From $7/page (325 words)

Essay Editor Benefits

One of the added benefits to using a human editor is that they will identify whether parts or whole sentences require rewriting and removal, then do it for you. They’ll also give helpful critiques and comments on how to fix your paper even more which can help improve your writing skills. Students, professionals and authors at all levels will benefit from having an English editing professional find and fix their language mistakes so that they don’t have to spend time looking through their writing.


Review the example on the right to see the types of edits you can expect from our editors. 
Gold level editing example
Above is an example of Gold level editing

Why choose an Edit My Paper editor?

✓ 100% human editing by PhD native English speakers (we don't use automated proofreading tools as they often cause new issues and don’t catch many errors).
✓ Strict quality control and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a team of over 500 editors standing behind you.
✓ Affordable and clear pricing (especially for longer deadlines) with quick return options for all subjects.
✓ 9/10 clients return with a second paper or refer a friend to Edit My Paper!
✓ Return options starting from 90 minutes and available 24/7 365 days a year!


An Expert Editor for Your Essay Writing Needs

The writing process can often be daunting and time-consuming. This is why it’s best to start writing early and plan out your essay using an outline. This also allows you time to select an editor at an affordable price, because the longer you give your editor, the more money you save. Hiring a professional Edit My Paper editor will do wonders for your paper and leave you with the best possible results. We can edit and improve your paper outline or draft too!

Silver level tracked changes editing example
The above is an example of what to expect from our Silver level editing service
Writing isn't easy, we know that.

Writing in English is not easy, and it often takes years of practice to properly understand English grammar, but taking your time will often lead to a strong first draft essay or manuscript. Even with a good first draft, many need a boost to get it to a college or university level. In fact, professional and high-level writers often use an essay corrector throughout their writing process. To achieve excellence, your paper should be at a higher level than that of your peers.

We can help you achieve a higher level and get you better grades! It should also contain well-researched and properly attributed content. Doing all of this will help you develop great content, but to get your paper to a higher level of English, you’ll often need a grammar check. It’s important to choose a human essay editor service for this job, as a professional editor knows what professors and teachers are currently looking for in a top-level essay, and they can fix your paper for you.

At Edit My Paper, you can choose from our four levels of expert essay editors who will fix your writing for you, while at the same time giving you expert guidance on how to further improve your paper.

Have a writing editor improve your grades today!

There’s no need to sacrifice lost marks because you don’t have time or resources. At Edit My Paper, you can choose from four levels of service and six return time options from 1.5 hours to 72 hours! When you submit your paper, we will find an appropriate editor for your paper, no matter the subject or discipline. We never judge – we only want the best for you and your paper. Often times, even top students need a professional second set of eyes to review their work; they turn to Edit My Paper’s 24/7 expert editors to help them succeed.

We’ll help you with all of your English writing needs, and if you need something else or have questions, use our friendly Live Chat at the bottom right of this page to talk with one of our friendly staff. If you’re stressed and don’t have much time, we are pleased to offer turnarounds as quick as 1.5 hours for those really important deadlines – we limit the amount of words you can submit to each turnaround time to always ensure your editor has sufficient time to properly edit your paper.