Although some may argue otherwise, a significant part of your education is comprised of writing various papers. The most important of which is a thesis or dissertation. Editors for dissertations papers are hard to come by, and excellent dissertation editors are even more sought-after. When searching for a proofreading service, one must be cognizant of the company that stands behind the editors and the level of editor being chosen to take on such an important task. For a paper that is considered an ‘important grade,’ you should be mindful of giving your paper editor sufficient time as the time commitment they make will often weigh heavily on the quality of editing produced.

The effort that your editor puts into editing your paper will determine the degree to which you increase your grade or in this case, whether your thesis or dissertation is accepted. For a dissertation proofreader, being knowledgeable on various topics is necessary. However, seeing examples of edited dissertations or similar work can set your mind at ease, and knowing that a reputable Canadian editing company stands behind your work is even more reassuring. However, one must be aware that content vs. grammar edits are different and your typical copy editor, which Edit My Paper’s Gold level editors provide, will not fact check your content, but instead focus on your grammar and similar errors. In the real world, editors are used for just about any writing that is meant to be seen by more than one person, such as legal documents, newspaper articles, or even advertisements. Thus, having someone edit your work is a great way to prepare you for the working world.

Don’t Lose Simple Points Due to Grammar and Punctuation

The easiest and most unfortunate way to lose marks is by using improper grammar and incorrect punctuation. Dissertation grammar edits should focus on flow, consistency, and style, as well as the basics. Online proofreader services, such as Edit My Paper, can be a life-saver to both ESL students and graduates. The value you get from an error-free paper will pay dividends and help you to meet your due date.

With this in mind, having a timeline and sticking to it is important when working on a paper. But ultimately, knowing when you need an editor is the most important final step as it will save you from losing valuable marks and will improve your overall grade.

Work with a Professional Proofreader

The most reliable way to choose from the different dissertation editing services, is to see which one has qualified editors in your field, has a brand behind them, and can accomplish your task in a given amount of time. For your typical essay, having high-grade students review and edit your work can mean the difference between a B- and an A. Professors look at your paper for a short time and often decide within a few minutes what grade you will receive, so first impressions count. Edit My Paper edits with Track Changes, allowing you to see exactly what your editor changed in Microsoft Word and comments are left along the margins. We also allow you to choose between a 1.5 hour to 72 hour turnaround time, allowing you to save money and give your editor more time, however, our editors only get paid when you are completely satisfied, so choosing a shorter turnaround time will not impact the quality of work you receive. It should be abundantly clear that a higher final grade IS possible when you have all of your papers edited by Edit My Paper.